Role of the Human Rights Unit of PMO
Action is being taken on several fronts to instill a human rights culture among all sections of the population.  A three tier approach is being adopted covering the legislation, the policies and the training. 
The Action Plan on Human Rights seeks to adjust the Government policies and programmes in order to create an appropriate human rights climate conducive for economic, social and cultural development in the country.
The database of human rights structural, process and outcome indicators will also be used as a support to the Human Rights Monitoring Committee set up to monitor the implementation of the recommendations of the Action Plan.
We are partnering with the Commonwealth Secretariat in order to integrate human rights within the curriculum at secondary education level. A Consultant has already submitted his report following consultations held with Mauritius Institute of Education and Ministry of Education and we will now have to chart the way forward.
The following training and sensitization programmes on human rights have been organized by this Office in collaboration with other Ministries/Departments/organizations since Jan 2011:
  • 60 CAB Organisers of the National Development Unit and around 500 citizens were trained/sensitised for 2 days in CAB Offices over the period August/September 2011. This was organized in collaboration with NDU, NHRC, Attorney General’s Office and Amnesty International


  • 888 Citizens have been sensitized in 19 CAB Offices around the island since January 2012 and we are targeting some 300 more in 6 CAB Offices in September 2012


  • 125 NGOs were trained for 2 days in May 2012 and this was organized in collaboration with MACOSS, NHRC, Ombudsperson for Children, Equal Opportunities Commission and Attorney General’s Office


  • 25 Heads of Ministries/Departments participated in a Human Rights Leadership Seminar in February 2012 organised by PMO in collaboration with Commonwealth Secretariat


  • 55 Youth Officers were trained over 2 days by representatives/Members of NHRC, Attorney-General’s Office and Equal Opportunities Commission


  • A Human Rights Education Programme was organized in 10 youth centres for 350 young persons in collaboration with Ministry of Youth and Sports and for 38 young persons in Rodrigues.